The city of Greensburg has historically been served with landline telephone and DSL internet by AT&T.  AT&T is responsible for their copper cables in the utility right-of-ways (under the streets and in alleyways) and for the copper cables that run from their pedestals in the alleys to your home (to a device on the outside of your property called a NID). Once it enters your home from the NID, the wiring is your property and responsibility.

Haviland Broadband will be plowing all its own fiber cables in much the same manner.  We will own everything in the ground up until the fiber enters our NID.  In most cases, we will place our NID near AT&T’s to take advantage of the existing entry point into the home.  We do not want to create any more holes in the exterior of your home than necessary. Once inside the home, it is possible for us to use your existing copper wiring in the home to provide landline phone service.

Haviland Broadband will not be removing any of AT&T’s equipment or cables and we will make every effort to leave them undisturbed throughout the process.