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We know you have options when it comes to business solutions. So, what makes Haviland Broadband stand out among the rest? Our smashing personality and charming wit perhaps. Maybe it’s our dedication to transparency and doing the right thing right. Or is it, perchance, our irresistible mascot, Howie Broadband? 
All kidding aside, we believe our standout quality is our focus on the relationships we have with each individual business.  We listen to our customers, tailor solutions to meet your needs and are your biggest supporter.
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Haviland Broadband’s Managed IT Services allow you to concentrate on what you do best (driving your business forward) while we handle your technology. Whether you’re updating phones, improving Wi-Fi, or securing your network, our dedicated team is always here to support you, start to finish.

BLUE 42! BLUE 42!

Have you ever watched a sporting event and had no idea what was going on? Why is that guy down there with his hands between that other guys’ legs screaming colors and numbers? Well, he’s the quarterback, calling plays (or so we’re told).

Maybe managing IT services in your company feels like watching a game that you don’t know the rules of. That’s where we come in.

Let Haviland Broadband be your quarterback. We promise not to scream colors and numbers at you! Instead, we’ll work together as a team to find solutions that work for you. You’ll be the Kelce to our Mahomes.

It’s just “Howie” do IT (see what we did there?).


Farrar - Faith Emrich, IT Analyst

When we looked for a company to help design and install our wireless network at Farrar Corporation, we chose Haviland Broadband. They have always provided excellent service with our fiber network, so Haviland was a natural choice.

From beginning to end of the project, Haviland’s Nathan James designed both locations’ network infrastructure, ordered the equipment we needed while staying within our budget, and installed the wiring, AP devices and Switches. He programmed the controller that manages the entire wireless network. Nathan always performs at a high level, exceeding my expectations of efficiency, expertise, and professionalism. He was quick to answer any post install questions.

I highly recommend Haviland Broadband for networking (fiber and wireless).

KCMH - Morgan Allison, CEO

“Partnering with Haviland Broadband has helped improve our capabilities as well as reduce the expense of additional staff. It’s such a blessing to work with another local business and be able to get help with critical issues rapidly by qualified experts.”

KCHS USD 422 - Mark Clodfelter, Superintendent

“USD 422 Kiowa County Schools strive to educate our students using the most up-to-date technology available to increase students’ success. Haviland Broadband is a crucial piece of that puzzle. We not only get reliable high-speed internet, but we also get exceptional tech support in a timely manner. I would highly recommend Haviland Broadband for all businesses looking for that technological edge.”   

Twilight Theater - George Ryan, Director

“The exceptional service team installed our new High Speed Fiber Optic connection quickly and we had a seamless transition to the fastest internet speeds and clearest phone calls that I have ever experienced!”   

USD 474 - Ronda Brown

The Haviland Broadband tech department has been our technology go-to for many years. Nathan James, along with his crew, are very knowledgeable, reliable and up-to-date with everything technology on our school campus. Nathan has set up and maintains all the cameras on our campus, ipads and chromebooks for our students and all our teacher and staff desktop and laptop computers. They keep our devices protected and up to date. They have installed all of our servers and take care of everything necessary behind the scenes to run our school. They are only a phone call or an email away, responding quickly to our questions.

We would recommended them highly to anyone looking for a local reliable and
knowledgeable tech department.

Skyline Technology - Lexie Maloney, Coordinator

“I am happy to recommend Haviland Broadband with any IT services you are needing. Skyline has had several projects completed this past year with their help. We recently purchased new switches and UPS’s and Haviland went above and beyond in helping to organize, rearrange, and clean up our network cabinets while helping install them. (see before and after photos below) I have been very impressed with their technicians. I have never worked with such a dedicated team. They are quick and thoughtful in their responses, and make sure the job is done correctly. You can tell they are well experienced. I wouldn’t hesitate in utilizing their services.

KCMH - Mark Finch, CIO

“We are very happy with the work performed by Haviland Broadband. We would recommend them for any network management project or service. We worked with Haviland Broadband to document, re-organize, and install new network switches at Kiowa County Memorial Hospital in Greensburg, Kansas. The quality of work performed and attention to details was impeccable. We sincerely appreciate their responsiveness and the way they conduct business. We look forward to doing business with Haviland Broadband for years to come.

USD 422 – Marshall Ballard, District IT & Mark Clodfelter, Superintendent

We are writing this to recommend Haviland Broadband for serious consideration for your project. We were blessed with high-quality technology when we moved into our new facility at Kiowa County Schools in 2010. At that time, we were contracting our network IT out to a different company and made the move over to Haviland Broadband in 2017. This has been the best decision for us as a district due to their prompt services, thorough work, and quality customer service.

Haviland Broadband has been instrumental in maintaining our wireless network and our network hardware. When we moved into our new facility, we were running off Haviland Broadband’s radio tower, but a few years ago, they converted us over to fiber. This transition was an awesome experience and has greatly improved our connectivity here at the school. They have also been able to replace all of our wireless access points and network switches to keep us up-to-date with hardware and software to match the fiber capabilities. The Haviland Broadband employees have done a great job of cleaning up our network racks and cables. Because of their organizational skills, our network racks are neat and easy to work with. This has made troubleshooting a much simpler process due to everything being neat, labeled, and mapped clearly.

Haviland Broadband has also been great to work with. They have helped me with many other technology needs that have arisen throughout the school years. They have been willing to provide bids for other technology like Chromebooks, Promethean panels, etc., and Haviland Broadband has been competitive and fair in all their bids and quotes.

Please seriously consider Haviland Broadband for your project! Their employees are professional and great to work with. Their customer service is quality, and their response times to tech issues are quick. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us. We would be more than happy to give you more information!



In today’s fast-paced business, technology is crucial for your success.
Haviland Broadband’s Managed IT Services are tailored to meet your needs, ensuring seamless, efficient, and secure technology operations. From launching new applications and data backup to recovering lost files and providing guidance on the right computers and equipment, we’ve got you covered.


Your business operations depend on a solid network to keep everything running smoothly.
Count on us for configuration changes, troubleshooting, and updates to your network switches and firewalls. Our Managed Network service is customized to meet your needs, providing a secure and reliable infrastructure that empowers your business to flourish.


Experience the difference Managed Wi-Fi can make for your business.
Elevate your connectivity experience with a reliable, secure, scalable Wi-Fi network that empowers your team to work at their best. Haviland Broadband’s Managed Wi-Fi ensures a secure network covering every part of your business, so your Internet never drops off. Additional features include access management, separate networks to run business and guest access, and more!



Multiple office locations? Work-from-home employees? Outdated phone systems?
Haviland Business Solutions can help enhance productivity without the up-front capital cost and ongoing maintenance expense of a traditional phone system. Unlock the true potential of your business communication with Haviland Broadband Business Phone and embrace a reliable, scalable, and feature-rich phone solution that will drive your productivity to new heights.



Keep track of your business assets and sensitive areas.
In an increasingly connected world, businesses require robust and versatile video solutions to ensure operational efficiency, safety, and peace of mind. When it comes to real-time monitoring, our advanced video systems empower you to stay in control no matter where you are. Whether you’re at your desk or on the go with your mobile device, our user-friendly interfaces grant you instant access to live feeds, ensuring you’re always connected to the heart of your business.