Welcome to Haviland Broadband!

Haviland Broadband has been proudly serving the residents of South Central Kansas for 75 years! We have, and will continue to improve our network and expand our infrastructure to offer the best services around, all while keeping it local, keeping it simple, keeping it on. Check out our star lineup of services below.


We think Internet service should be simple. That’s why, at Haviland Broadband, your Internet service includes a wireless router or modem for PREMIUM WI-FI, as well as our Beyond Broadband Network Coverage (a $7 value!) at no additional charge. The price you see is the price you pay. Plus, there are NO data caps!

How do you feel about getting time back? Well, we can’t turn back time (yet!), but we CAN cut down on the amount of time spent waiting on your Internet. Whether it’s streaming all your favorite TV shows or HD movies, uploading photos, hosting or attending online meetings, school work, or simply surfing the Internet for fun, our lightning-fast speeds help you do everything with less waiting and less buffering. Say goodbye to that spinning circle of death!

Lifeline discounts are available for qualifying households.

Did you know that Haviland Broadband is an NTCA Smart Rural Community provider? The program promotes rural broadband and its role in supporting innovative economic development, effective education, efficient energy distribution and use, state-of-the-art health care and other important issues for rural America.  We are also a Gig-Certified provider in Argonia, Coldwater, Conway Springs, Haviland, Mullinville, and Norwich which means that gigabit technology is currently commercially available to a minimum of 95% of these towns!


We want fiber to every home and business in our service area as much as you do (probably more)! What’s so great about fiber? Unmatched speeds (up to 1G download/upload), more reliability and it’s easier to maintain. We continue to expand our fiber optic infrastructure, working to bring the most advanced telecommunications technology to rural Kansas. Enter your address to see what speeds are available in your area.


Haviland Broadband’s traditional copper-based internet, Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) works by using existing phone lines to transmit zzzzz… we won’t bore you with the details. We have speeds of up to 100Mbps Download/20Mbps Upload and distance from our central offices directly impacts the speed we can provide in rural areas. Enter your address to see what speeds are available in your area.


Many of our rural areas can enjoy the freedom and flexibility of fixed wireless service, with speeds of up to 50Mbps Download/10Mbps Upload. In some rural areas, where copper lines are too far from central offices for ideal speeds, or no copper lines are present, fixed wireless internet has bridged the gap and allows us to provide dependable internet service in rural areas. Enter your address to see what speeds are available to you.

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Haviland Broadband knows a thing or two about landline telephones. As the artist formerly (and legally) known as Haviland Telephone Company, our roots (and telephone lines) run deep. We can get you the most out of landline telephone service with reliable local service, long distance and call feature options.


Haviland Broadband offers quality landline telephone connections to most of our service area. Residential, business, multi-line business, we can do it all, and at a price that won’t break the bank.


Long Distance is simple at Haviland Broadband. With a flat rate of 7 cents per minute and no monthly fees, there’s no hesitation to pick up that phone and talk to your mom for as long as you (or she) want!


All your favorite features, and maybe some you didn’t even know about, are available. For a flat $5 per month you get Caller ID plus as many (or as few) other features as you want. Give us a call today!

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