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Active fiber builds:


Additional fiber builds that will start in 2023:


More Rural Norwich sections

Served by fiber:

99 Springs



Conway Springs




Sections of Rural Norwich and Conway Springs

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In 2023, we are focusing on continuing our phased fiber optic broadband infrastructure build. Keep scrolling to see what projects we have going on!

Rural Norwich

Construction for these sections of rural Norwich will begin in 2023!



Mainline construction has finished. Conversions are ongoing.


As the time to bring Haviland Fiber service gets nearer, three primary events will occur.

First, construction crews will begin burying the fiber optic mainlines throughout the town. 

Second, construction crews will bury fiber optic drops from the mainline to your home. This is a minimally invasive procedure, causing little disturbance to the yard. Around this time, our technicians will also place the external NID in close proximity to the existing equipment box on the outside of the home

The Network Interface Device (NID) is a small box which allows connection from the fiber to your telephone and Internet. The box is placed on the exterior of your home or business and is installed at no cost to you. This new box is similar to one you currently have on your home or business.

Finally, we will schedule a time for a Haviland technician to convert services from the old copper cable to the new fiber optic cable. This will consist of installing a new wireless router in place of your old modem, replacing the wiring from that location to the NID on the side of your home, and installing a power supply unit that includes battery backup. The battery backup is placed inside your home or business within 100 feet of the NID and must be plugged into a wall outlet. It will help maintain 911 access and voice connectivity up to 8 hours (24-hour backup is available at an additional cost) in the event of a power outage. The technician will use an entry point near the existing entry point to bring the fiber into the home.

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