This fall, Apple is set to introduce a host of exciting new features and improvements with their newest major upcoming release for iOS 17. These updates have always generated excitement among the iOS using community, as iPhone and iPad users around the world eagerly anticipate seeing what their devices will be able to do next.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the key features you can expect.

Get an Instant Transcript of Voicemails

How do you know if that voicemail that came in while in a Zoom meeting is important? iOS 17 is going to make that much easier to determine by showing a transcript of the message on your screen. No more guesswork!

iOS 17.1.png

Image credit: Apple

Personalized Contact Posters

Hate that picture someone has saved of you in your contact? The one that comes up every time you call them? Now you’ll have power over how you look when you call others.

Apple is introducing personalized Contact Posters. With this feature, you can customize how you’ll look to people that you’ve shared your poster with, appearing as a photo of your choice, a Memoji, and more. You’ll even be able to add text and colors.

Leave a Video or Audio FaceTime Message

You have better options when calling someone on FaceTime and they’re not there. Instead of just leaving a missed call, FaceTime will support audio and video messages, kind of like enhanced voicemails.

More FaceTime Enhancements – Reactions & Apple TV

Another cool enhancement coming to FaceTime are more expressive reactions. Some of the new ways to express yourself include hearts, balloons, fireworks, laser beams, rain and so much more.

Also, a FaceTime call can now connect with AppleTV so you can see loved ones right from your large-screen television, as big as ever.

Stickers, Anyone?

If you’re a fan of stickers in messages, you’re going to love this next feature, as Messages will be getting a big sticker enhancement in iOS 17, including new emoji stickers. You’ll have the ability to create Live Stickers from subjects in photos and can also liven stickers up with effects. A sticker drawer will to be available to store them all neatly.

AirDrop & NameDrop for Easier Sharing

Sharing photos, videos, and files across devices will get better. In just seconds, you can use AirDrop to share files from one phone to another, while NameDrop gives you a quick way to share contact details. All you need to do is bring two iPhones together AND it also works with an iPhone and Apple Watch. Oh, and music is included in the sharing fun!

NameDrop is also how you’ll share that cool Contact Poster you made.

Smarter Autocorrect & Dictation

Who hasn’t cursed an autocorrect choice that makes you look bad? Apple feels your pain and is introducing smarter autocorrection. This feature will get a machine learning language model upgrade that will help it predict text better to learn what you really meant to type.

Dictation is getting an upgrade as well, using a new speech recognition model to improve its accuracy.

StandBy Glanceable Screen Mode

Apple wants your iPhone to be more useful, even when it’s charging across the room. So, iOS 17 introduces StandBy which gives users a full-screen experience with information shown big on the screen.

You can personalize the display with a full range of helpful views including clock styles, Favorite photos, widgets (including Smart Stacks), live activities, Siri, and incoming calls.

iOS 17.2.png

Image credit: Apple

New Mental Health Features in the Health App

Apple is introducing more mental health features in iOS 17. The health app will enable users to log daily moods and momentary emotions with the goal of helping people see what contributes to their state of mind, as well as easily access depression and anxiety assessments used in clinics.

Screen Distance in Screen Time will also assist with digital eyestrain, and will encourage a user to move their device farther away from their face. It will do this if users have held their phone closer than 12 inches over a certain period of time.

Article used with permission from The Technology Press.