Due to the variety of services we offer at Haviland Broadband, we have adopted an online system that uses street addresses to specify service offerings that are available to you.  The goal is to simplify the selection process for you, the prospective customer.  

There are a couple reasons that you may have received this message.

  1. Your service address truly is not located in an area we serve.
  2. Our underlying map is slightly off.  Your address may be on the fringe of our service area and the system reports it back as not serviceable, when it actually may be within our service area. This is most common with our wireless internet product.  We are regularly updating our map system to reduce these errors, but false reports may still occur.

If you believe that you received this message in error, please do one of the following.  Call our office or message us using the Help button at the bottom of the page and inquire directly with one of our customer service agents.  They will consult with a technician to confirm service availability and provide you pricing if service is indeed available to you. You can also complete the registration process.  


By completing the registration process, not only does it allow us to review your address with a technician to confirm service availability, it also allows us to collect expressions of interest.  If indeed we are unable to provide you service, registration allows us to keep you informed of changes to our construction plan and measure interest in areas we are not working in currently. This does not obligate you for service.