Haviland Broadband is very excited about our new speed offerings and pricing packages. We began systematically upgrading customers in December 2020 and hope to have everyone moved over to the new packages by September 1 billing.

If you are still on one of our older packages, it is simply because we have not gotten to your upgrade yet. This is not a simple “flip of the switch” kind of move. Each upgrade takes anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours of technician work, then an additional 30 minutes or so of customer service time to change the billing side. And this is just for the upgrades that we can do from the office. This means that every upgrade requires anywhere from 1-2+ hours. Multiply that by 2500 subscribers… that’s a LOT of time!

It looks like new customers can get the same speed as me at a lower price.

We know its frustrating to learn that prices have changed but your bill has not. Again, this is because we are systematically upgrading all of our current customers. The first thing our technicians will try, is to get you the faster speed for the same price (if you’re currently on 25M, they will move you to 50M for the same price you’ve been paying). If that is not possible without a home visit, you will be moved down to the lower cost package. Many companies do not automatically switch customers to a new speed or price when they change pricing plans, whether it’s internet, phone, television subscriptions, mobile plans, etc. If you would like your speed increased or moved to a lower priced package now, simply call our office and one of our customer service representatives would be happy to assist!

Why does your website say “up to 25Meg?”

Some rural locations are harder to get speed to. Additionally, some upgrades cannot be done from the office; they require a home visit and sometimes, equipment swap-outs to be able to get the 20 or 25M speeds.