The following table explains the various sections of your bill from Haviland Broadband.bill1.png


The first page of your billing statement summarizes your monthly activity.

This information appears on every page of your bill. It includes your name, account number, billing date, payment due date, and a number you may call with questions.

2.Customer Message
Watch this space for important notifications concerning your account, services, and upcoming events.

3.Account Summary
An overview of the current status of your account starting with charges from your previous bill and any payments and adjustments applied since your last billing. The current month’s charges are summarized by category with the Total Amount Due at the bottom.

4.Remittance Section
The remittance portion should be removed and included with your payment in the envelope provided. Write in the amount enclosed in the space provided and indicate any address change on the back of the coupon. Our address appears on this section so that it will show through the window in your return envelope.  

The second and subsequent pages explain your charges in more detail.

1.Current Service Charges
This area lists each recurring monthly charge posted to your account for a subscribed services network, such as telephone services. Each charge is identified and includes the effective dates, number of units charged, the cost per unit, and the total cost. This area may be followed by a section for Other Charges and Credits which will show any non-recurring charges and credits posted to your account during this billing cycle. A description of each charge and credit and the amount is included. Any associated taxes, surcharges, and fees will also be shown.

2.Current Long Distance Charges
This section lists all the long distance calls placed during the current bill cycle. In addition to details for each call, it groups calls by call type to show all calls and subtotals within each calling plan, direct dialed, and other call types. The calls are also grouped and subtotaled by long distance carriers and you may have separate sections or pages for calls handled by different carriers.

3.Other Subscribed Service Charges
These sections list all the subscribed service charges accumulated during the current bill cycle. Details include any subscribed packages, charges, credits, taxes, and surcharges. Each subscribed service is listed in a separate section.