All of Haviland Broadband’s internet packages now come standard with our Beyond Broadband Network Coverage. With this coverage, you will not be charged for a technician to come to your home or business and isolate a problem with your service, nor will you pay any labor or material charges if you need a technician to make repairs covered by the plan. This service is included in all of our 10M+ internet packages.

What does it cover?
• Trouble isolation (including determining if customer owned equipment is causing the problem)
• Repair of wiring, fittings, splitters, and jacks located between the Haviland Broadband unit on the outside of your premise and the service wall outlets/network interface units in your premise.
• Replacement of Haviland Broadband equipment identified as defective or damaged by a power surge/lightning strike.
• Education on Haviland Broadband provided services and equipment, such as accessing Haviland Broadband Internet on wireless devices.
• Assistance connecting existing Wi-Fi enabled devices to the Haviland Broadband network using Haviland Broadband provided modems and routers.

What doesn’t it cover?
• Repair, installation or programming of a computer, television, streaming device, remote control, or any other electronic customer owned equipment.
• Rewiring after a building is destroyed or damaged by fire, flood, natural disaster, vandalism, gross negligence or willful damage.
• Buried cable between buildings that was not installed by Haviland Broadband.
• Wiring that runs between or among separate buildings, apartments or dwelling units in a multi-tenant property.
• Wiring and installation of a new outlet location; pre-wiring in new construction.
• Replacement of wiring or connections that connect the outlet to devices supplied by Haviland Broadband caused by customer negligence (i.e., animals chewing on lines, accidentally cutting through lines).

Haviland Broadband may reroute wire along baseboards and other locations to avoid replacement or repair in drywall, plaster, or other materials. If it is determined that access to wiring inside of walls is needed in order to make repairs, gaining access to wiring inside of walls or performing a “wallfish” is not covered by this plan and the customer will be charged the standard hourly rate.

Services not covered by the Plan may be charged at the standard rate of $75 per hour plus materials.

What about indoor Fiber ONTs?

Fiber ONTs and 8-hour power supplies are property of Haviland Broadband and will be replaced as needed regardless of Beyond Broadband Network Coverage status. If a customer damages the equipment through neglect or removes the equipment from the premise, we reserve the right to charge them for ONT replacement and any subsequent labor associated with related fiber repair. If a customer purchases a 24-hour power supply, the company will only replace up to an 8-hour unit as part of the coverage.

What about additional mesh, Ethernet over Power, purchased bridges, or digital access points?

These ad-hoc purchased items are not covered under Beyond Broadband Network Coverage. If Haviland Broadband installs an access point system in a home or business, pricing for ongoing support will be determined on a case-by-case basis.


There are no explicit or implied warranties of merchantability or warranties of fitness for a specific purpose offered with the plan. Haviland Broadband’s liability for defective materials or workmanship is limited to repair or replacement of defective material and/or corrective service visit(s) for Haviland Broadband equipment only. Repeated negligence by customer to protect equipment adequately against power-related damages may nullify power/lightning coverage; use of a viable surge protector is recommended.
On plans that were established before Beyond Broadband Network Coverage was offered, if you have previously declined Beyond Broadband and add the Coverage as a result of a trouble, you will be charged the minimum $75 trip charge. If the modem/router needs replaced, with a signed acceptance of the Beyond Broadband Network Coverage, we will replace the modem/router for free and waive any additional hour-fees beyond the first $75. Once the coverage is added to an old, grandfathered-in plan, you will not be able to remove it. Beyond Broadband Network Coverage is included in the price for all new customers.

Haviland Broadband reserves the right to modify coverage, terms and conditions.