Mainline construction for our first active fiber zone began in late October 2021. Since then, we have completed construction as well as conversion in 3 zones, or about 3/4 of the town.

We are working to finish out the 4th and final zone and should be wrapping that up by mid-2023!




Haviland Broadband is switching from an opt-in method, to an opt-out method on fiber drops. This means that we will be putting drops in to all homes and businesses unless you tell us NOT to. This saves everyone time and money! Drops are FREE, even if you don’t wan services right now. If you opt-out, then decide later that you, or any future home-owner would like a drop, there will be a minimum $500 charge for Haviland Broadband to come back and put the drop in. S

Additionally, getting a drop in place now will save time if you decide to get Haviland Broadband services later. With a drop in place, we will simply need to collect information and schedule an install. Without a drop in place, our technicians will have to bury fiber to your premise before an install can be scheduled, which could take several more weeks.

As the time to bring Haviland Fiber service gets nearer, three primary events will occur.

First, construction crews will begin burying the fiber optic mainlines in the designated zones.

Second, construction crews will bury fiber optic drops from the mainline to your home. This is a minimally invasive procedure, causing little disturbance to the yard.

Finally, if you have signed up for Internet services in addition to the drop, we will schedule a time for a Haviland technician to install your new fiber optic Internet service.

New customers – there will be a $99 install fee (separate from the drop fee and covers the in-home installation and router) at this time.

Current customers – since you paid an installation fee at the time of your wireless install, there is no charge to convert services to fiber!

Here is a map of where fiber is available (GREEN), and where we are currently working to put fiber in (ORANGE).