There are 3 main methods used to bury cable on a customer’s property. 

  • Vibratory Plow – An extremely narrow trench is created, doing very little damage to the ground’s surface, while the need for back-filling is completely eliminated. A plow with a long, slender blade that extends from the front of the plow into the ground is used. The plow’s motor vibrates the blade rapidly while it is pulled along, making it much easier to pull than a static blade. A reel unloads the fiber cable into the ground behind the blade as the groove is cut.
  • Directional Drilling – A minimal impact, trench-less method of installing underground cables or fiber. Two holes are dug – one near the location of the NID and one near our pedestal – then, an underground hole is drilled from one surface point to the other that the fiber can be threaded through.
  • Trenching – In cases where the other two methods aren’t possible, our contractors will dig a trench approximately eight to ten inches wide between your NID and Haviland Broadband’s pedestal. The trench allows them to place the pipe and fiber underground. Once placed, soil is back-filled into the trench.